Location List of Birmingham Medical Trials & Research Studies

The Birmingham Location Guide is for you to locate clinics recruiting in your area which are listed on our Database. Some medical trials, clinics, will take volunteers from all over the UK for certain drug trials or Medical Research Studies. In most cases Phase 1/healthy volunteer trials will reimburse you for travel expenses to and from their clinic. This does not apply to Non Invasive research where they only use local volunteers. There is NO such thing as a clinical trials listing service that recruits for all researchers. However, there are many clinics throughout the UK that have exclusive arrangements with the BioTrax Volunteer support group, which includes many of the finest clinical research organizations in world wide medical research . Because of this we are able to offer to volunteers many opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else, some have which agreed that in any event they will remain supporters of our quest to help the sufferers of chronic illness without medications. This list is only for clinics we supply services to, including individual researchers that may not normally have an internet presence as their budgets cannot withstand expensive or inexpensive forms of recruitment. BioTrax in support of Birmingham Clinical Trials helps bring these opportunities to you regardless. Unlike Competitors in the market place BioTrax works for you and our financial structure is designed to put you first and not the clinics willing to pay us the most. BioTrax is the Research Volunteer Support Group. Your consideration and safety comes first .If you wish to increase your abilities to find a study and expand your choices, then subscribing to BioTrax is the best option available in the UK, as they are the most comprehensive site on the internet and BioTrax will also introduce you to a range of other paid research activities that you can do on weekends in your spare time.