Clinical Trials all over Birmingham including paid Medical Research

Join us today for all Birmingham Clinical Trials

Your local platform for all paid Researches and volunteers from all over Birmingham

We are looking to recruit volunteers who are interested to participate in our Clinical Trials and Paid medical Researches all over Birmingham and surrounding areas. Give yourself a chance to be part of this wonderful life changing experiment and discover new treatments to help others.

Be part of this interesting Trial Studies and Medical Researches and get paid from £6.50 an hour plus and up to £100 a day. Many people has benefited with the extra cash to fund their studies and daily expenses.

There are no restrictions on your life while the trials is running so you will be allowed to go to work, Study or any other kind of activities in your normal day to day lifestyle as long as you follow the simple requirements from the Company. UK clinical trials are strictly regulated and are all ethically approved to ensure volunteers greater protection.
Medications are pre tested extensively for many years and a lot of money goes into funding those trials for the safety of volunteers. If you think this is something you might be interested please contact us today

If you are aged 18 - 85 (of either sex) and in good health you are likely to be eligible to take part in clinical trials, but you will need to take our