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Research Volunteer Testimonials on Medical Trials Participation
Hear what volunteers have to say about participation.
Welcome to our testimonial page. This is your chance to share your thoughts and experiences to potential volunteers on being a clinical trials volunteer or a medical research participant

Clinical Trial Volunteer Testimonials.
  •  Posted by J. C in London (20/11/06)

"I joined biotrax 5 years ago in Manchester and had never volunteered before. I was a little hesitant, but through the help of biotrax soon started to volunteer in Manchester and in Leeds. I now live in London and still volunteer today. I would have no hesitation in continuing to volunteer, and find most clinics to be very attentive to personal safety and well being. What I like about biotrax is all the personalised help you get and the fact that they have so many other research activities you can participate in, such as the mystery shopping and film & TV extra opportunities. As a student always looking for ways to supplement my earnings, that was important to me at the time. I still participate in most things if I have the time. OH, I like the rewards of course. One of the medical trials I was involved with paid me 2,200 pounds and the money came in very handy. I am particular about the medications I test and that's something else I like about biotrax. They put you in contact with all research activities and because biotrax has so many things you can do it was easy to find something very quickly. It's a brilliant service. "

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Post comments on your experiences of being a medical trials or medical research volunteer including your experiences with BioTrax and how they helped you etc .Unfortunately we will not be able to post comments that contain the names of clinics, researchers. Descriptions such as a london medical trials unit, a unit in Wales or an asthma medical trial is OK   

Providing brief details of your experience should include the city you live in and your name or initials if you wish to remain anonymous. All comments posted are at the discretion of our site editors

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