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Anderson Wedding Photography

Anderson Wedding Photography is all about capturing the happy and romantic moments of your wedding day. These are also one of the most important moments in your life, so it’s important to get a great photograph.

So when I met the Oberholtzer, I was delighted. I knew they were the type of photographers who would capture the moment for me, but I had no idea how.

When I was photographing a friend’s wedding, I saw that “Tim” (the photographer) and his wife, Annie, were taking their sweet time in the studio. It was making me nervous, because I knew that one wrong move could end my day. So I asked them about their pricing structure.

“We don’t charge by the hour,” they replied. This made me feel better about the whole situation, because I didn’t have to sit and wait for my photos.

I asked about how they captured the magic that is part of every wedding, and the answer to that was: “Photography of a different caliber.” They talked about a wide variety of techniques, and I was able to understand that even though the wedding day may be the most important moment in their life, the process is just as important and equally important to the couple.

One technique they use involves using the moving cameras in a tiny studio with Oberholzer and a live wedding band playing at the studio’s front. During this process, the camera operator wears a baseball cap to cover the face, in case it gets covered in food. After the cameras have been on, they go to the reception and spend some time there.

Thephotographer then picks up the bride and groom and goes to the reception. Once the photos are taken, the bride and groom are not needed, so they can leave.

Oberholzer explains that during this process, they actually capture one thing in each frame. He says that if the bride and groom look well-lit, then there is a perfect scene to take pictures of them. If not, the photographer will choose another photo.

Another technique they use is to get outside and shoot the actual event, after they’ve already finished taking the pictures inside. There is really no need to waste the photo opportunity when the party is already in progress.

In addition to their moveable studio, they also use other venues in the area to photograph. They recommend the Stokes’ house as an ideal location, but you can also find good locations in Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Gary, or Fort Wayne. There is also a great deal of professional equipment available for hire, as well as high-quality photo-editing software.

Tim and Annie don’t use digital, and use film to take their pictures. All of their images are hand-made, using the best of processed Kodak Polaroid stock, along with large format film.

The photos that Tim and Annie capture of you will help you remember your wedding photography for years to come. If you are looking for a professional studio to capture those memories for you, then check out Anderson Wedding Photography.